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Haelo approaches design differently. We believe the pleasures people experience when looking at art, listening to music, or enjoying good food should extend to our interactions with the objects and spaces we use and inhabit everyday. Design at its core is always about serving a need, but our goal is also to express the poetry in the ordinary. Why should a table be just four legs and a flat surface when it can say so much more about personal history, materials, gathering, space and culture? Where others see just a cabinet, a lamp, or a set of shelves, we see an opportunity.



Moholy: An Education of the Senses is now open at Loyola Museum of Art (LUMA), 820 N Michigan Avenue in Chicago. This exhibition, curated by Carol Ehlers, was designed by Helen Maria Nugent and artist Jan Tichy. The designers created large, lightweight, paper screens that intersect with the architecture of the gallery. The exhibition runs through May 9, 2010.

Review in Time-Out

Moholy: An Education of the Senses is reviewed in Chicago Magazine.


Aggregate, a boxed set containing 5 porcelain rocks that can be stacked, ordered, lined-up, piled, or otherwise arranged on your desk or table, is included in the Jan/Feb edition of Chicago Home.

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Profile In Chicago Home

The September/October 2007 edition of Chicago Home will include a detailed profile on Helen Maria Nugent and Haelo Design.

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